List of products by brand FLAKY'S EMPIRE HAIRS

Flaky Empire Hairs is a business that specializes and deals with the provision of a wide variety of hairs which includes raw virgin hairs, human/hair blend hairs, wigs, and hair accessories, located in Port Harcourt Nigeria.

Our structure in place is to benefit all, which includes our workforce, clients, and business owners. Our customer care is top-notch and we ensure that all clients are treated on an individual basis and given luxury at its peak. This is done in order to build our reputation as a reliable name when it comes to quality and service delivery


We sell a variety of Hair products from luxury, exotic, and hair blend which includes retail and wholesale. This is in addition to our skillfully crafted and customizable hair extensions.

Our products include raw virgin, human hair, hair blend, and accessories. We offer consultancy services which present an avenue to share our expertise with persons or aspiring entrepreneur willing to learn.


We seek to create a reputable brand that will give luxury at its peak which will be known only for quality and affordability. We are leaving no stone unturned I’m attaining these lofty ideals.

Our vision for Flaky Empire Hairs is to be among the top 10 hair extensions businesses in Nigeria.


As the desire to look good increases. So does the need for quality and luxury products. We are well suited to meet these needs through the sale of high-quality hair products. As a business, we seek to be driven by innovation in developing new styles of hair extensions in addition to the sale of high and affordable luxury products to give clients luxury at its peak.


One of the major areas of strength for our business is the quality of our workforce and patronages. This is driven by innovation more new styles become available. We are encouraged by such opportunities to leverage on as clients are always available to buy a new hair product. We are seizing this opportunity to build more.

Target Market

People buy hair extensions and accessories for different reasons. For some, they want to have a new look. For others, having a hair loss may be a major reason. Still, yet, others will buy hair extensions and accessories for a host of reasons.

Whatever the reasons are, the fact remains that it is a booming industry. Demand is driven by different classes of women, hence they are our main target market.

Others include celebrities, cancer patients, movie stars, hairstylists. Our marketing activities will focus on this category of clients because they have a major influence on demand.

Marketing and Sales Strategies

To attract sales, we have partnered with various social media sites to advertise our hair extensions and also celebrities.. This is in addition to our foray fashion shows where we work with show organizers and models .. Our hair extensions and accessories are worn by these models and showcase to the world. This strategy has helped to make us known and it is attracting increased demand for our products.

Our marketing team has designed various ads that always run on social media, websites, and as well as print media.

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