List of products by brand CENA DE VINO

Established in 2019, Cena De Vino set out itself to be the foremost Tableware Company in Nigeria. As a company, we are positioned for growth, aiming to dominate the market creating innovative and beautiful products that consumers value.

Nature of our Business
At Cena De Vino, the Production and Supply of premium Tablewares and Accessories is our forte.

Our products are crafted from the finest of materials for those who appreciate quality and luxury in its simplest form, and we are dedicated to bringing ever better products and experiences to diners across Nigeria.

Price ₦500.00


25 Pieces of Premium Pure Rose-gold and Rose-Gold & White Striped Biodegradable Paper Straws. Eco-friendly and biodegradable paper drinking straws, for lasting refreshing sips! Ideal for Special Occasions,...

Price ₦1,200.00


Pack of: 25 Premium 9oz (266ml/26.6cl) Rose Gold-Rimmed Disposable Polystyrene cups. Suitable for cocktails and all refreshing drinks. Cups are made from high-quality polystyrene. This makes them sturdy and...

Price ₦2,800.00


Pack of 25 Premium Air-laid (cloth-like) Paper Napkins, 25 Polystyrene (high-quality plastic) Cups, & 50 Biodegradable Paper Straws in 2 packs. - Suitable for all kinds of functions, celebratory gatherings,...

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