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Established in 2018, Banquet Pro Services offers professional bartending and food catering services and has had the privilege and opportunity to serve a wide variety of clientele. In such a short time, we have catered for major events like corporate events, weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, baby dedications, various political and public entertainment gatherings. We are known to deliver our services with regal style whilst creating unforgettable experiences for our clients and their guests. Our delicious array of drinks and various Hot Meals is guaranteed to embellish any Celebration.

Our mission is simple, and we do it passionately - to create indelible memories of your celebrations (whether intimate or public) by offering our exquisite and colourful assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, in addition to hot meals that are simply delicious.

  • Cocktails (Alcoholic Drinks)
  • Mocktails (Non-Alcoholic Drinks)
  • Fruit Arrangements
  • Hot Meals
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