Secure payment

Secure means of payment has put a couple of things in place to ensure all buyers enjoy a secure means of payment.

Buyer Protection Program

JustBaroque has a boisterous Buyer Protection guarantee which ensures that customers enjoy a 100% protection claim on specific items in a case of dissatisfaction with quality. 

Community Reporting

All customers are enjoined to give feedback and report improper and incredulous activities. Please visit the contact us link to do this.

Safety Team

JustBaroque has put in place data-driven algorithms and automated tools and have further created a safety team constantly ensuring that the integrity of our market hub is protected. The team stays ahead by monitoring, detecting, and applying adequate sanctions where a suspected behavior is noticed. This approach keeps things in check and ultimately deters improper behavior. 

PayStack and Escrow Services

At JustBaroque, we partner with PayStack to accept secure payments only on our website. We have also set up an escrow account where payment is held until good feedback is received from customers on products. This ensures that the turn-around-time is shorter as sellers want their monies sooner, but it also ensures our buyer protection is efficient as refunds can immediately be made upon verification of a customer’s claim. 

Merchant Quality Assurance

Total Quality Management is important to us and we have set up sub-teams on merchant quality delivery to ensure our market hub is consistently providing the best products and services to our esteemed customers.

This is how you make your shopping better on JustBaroque:

Filter Search Results

We are continuously updating our software and algorithms for more buyer convenience; our data collation reveals shoppers patterns and we make suggestions. You may also type in keywords to filter the search for what you need.

Use the Product Ratings and Reviews

Inspecting details & reviews can help prevent surprises and confirm that an item meets your desired need for it. Stronger ratings & reviews often indicate safer, more trustworthy sellers and products.

Ask The Seller

Where there are clarifications to be made or questions to be asked, by using the Ask seller button, JustBaroque creates immediate access to the seller.

Use The Cart

It is safer to collect items for purchase in a cart and review again before confirming the order and making payment.

Re-confirm Delivery Details

Kindly do a re-confirmation of your delivery address and phone number before choosing a payment method.

Checkout Before Payment

It is safer to pay only after check-out because this ensures that JustBaroque is in full control of payment before remitting to the seller, bringing our customer protection to 100% should we receive feedback of dissatisfaction. 

Confirm Notifications From JustBaroque

Once customers' orders have been placed, JustBaroque sends order confirmation both via SMS and email for your confirmation and possible reaction. 

Pay On Delivery (POD)

In a case where a customer chooses to pay on delivery, please do not pay before delivery. If there are any issues regarding payment before delivery with the seller, please contact us. 

Rate and Review

Feedback is very important to us and we can serve you and other customers better when we receive feedback on the delivered items. Rate and review your transactions, the product, the seller, the platform.

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